Here are some of the Demos avalible for libraries, for more detailed information on demos please visit the related webpage

Surge DEMO is fully functional between 180-400 hz only. Imo this is still great for shaping the low mids and displays sweep and functionality of the library

The demo has every other frequency removed and limited to -40/remove notch,-7,-3,0,+3,+7.

Restricted to only one frequency selection, Zero harmonics and one sample rate. Found in the menu as ELE More Info

Free 44.1 HIGH band,  only two frequencies.

Restricted to only one frequency selection, Zero harmonics and one sample rate. More Info

A few presets from the pack. Please read instructions on set up from the related page. TPM More info

A High and Low Shelf restricted to -6 +6 steps. Found in the menu as SLK More Info

Please keep in mind this is a old demo and full version has been updated to higher standards.

The demo is is restricted to a single low resonance and is clean only.
This is for the user to get a idea as to how the presets work. Full version will have a much more pronounced resonance. Resonance is fully variable in the full version with distortion kernels. The Evf control is a good starting point on this preset. This control acts like a threshold. The attack and release controls change the timing of the envelope. In these envelope presets the cutoff control now acts like a centre frequency point to the envelope. Found in the menu as TPF More Info

DEMO only has one setting in 44.1, the full library has TONE, Impedance controls, Distortion kernals with settings in 4 sample rates . You’ll possibly need to increase your dsp buffer in nebula for reverbs. Found in the menu as SSP More Info