Check here for the latest updates and new releases-

21/08/2020 U76 updated all sample rates compressor instance can now be found in 44.1 presets. No need for 48, 88.2 and 96 compressor instances.

30/10/20 U76 sidechains fixed

20/11/20 L-bus v2 released

17/12/20 TNT V3 released

02/01/21 Two minor updates to l-bus’s preamp harmonics. Fixed stereo error on golds preamp harmonics, improved dynamics on harmonics

06/01/21 Vari-level v2 released

28/01/21 Y1010 delay standard presets updated. Artifacts reduced and dry impulse removed. (dry control now has complete control over dry siginal)

15/05/21 Opto 32 now updated with all sample rates Comp, limiter and clipper program, no need to open correct sample rate anymore except for preamps! Please note- If you have projects with the old specific sample rate versions saved, do not delete old presets until you have resaved with the new All sample rate versions.

03/09/21 Time Mod Pedal Pack released

13/09/21 Classic phasers v2 released