1.Where do I get my downloads?

When you have paid a link will automatically be sent to your email. Also a download will be available in your account area.

2. What is Nebula?

If you’ve never heard of the nebula plugin the best place to go to the official site

I sell presets and emulations to work in the nebula plugin platform.

3. what version of nebula do I need?

I recommend you use the latest verion of nebula, most libraries created were encrypted with the latest version of nebula when created. It’s best to keep updated for this reason. Any queries on versions to be used should be made before purchase.

4. How do I use skins?

I recommend using nebula setups in order to use multiple skins. This makes multiple skins with dedicated presets a lot easier.

5. What are the best settings for reverbs?

Using a increased dsp buffer in nebula In general is what works best  for most users. For example between 1024 and 8192 buffer would be considered a increased buffer size.

6. Where can I find more information on these presets or new developments?

If you havn’t found what your looking for here I recommend looking on the acustica audio forum.

7.Should I make any changes to master page on nebula

In general no, only buffer size and ahead should be the only parameters to tweak. If there are any tweaks to be made to any other parameters to be tweaked, it will stated on the product page.

8. Compressor is not working as expected

My compressors work in timed mode, lf you had tweaked your OPT TIMED mode in MASTER PAGE at any point, there could be a chance you’ve turned Timed mode off changing the way the compressor works. OPT TIMED should Always be set to stock, That could be 3 FPU mono or 5 SSE2f 2 mono, I’ve found on my system 5 SSE2f 2 mono is lower cpu. Going to setting 6 and above will turn timed OFF

9.Do your skins work in N4?

Skins were originally developed in N3, currently N4 do not load N3 skins.

10.Where can I get in contact to ask a specific question?

For the contact page click here, I normally reply fast, but if you don’t hear from me you can contact me through the PM on the acustica forum. There is always a chance you email did’nt forward through.