Truncation, a deeper analysis

Here we will take 1102 eq’s low shelf and look at the original preset and then look at a truncated version of that preset with a length of 50ms. Anyone can do the same thing by going into nebula’s Kern page and simply reducing the kern size to truncate the Impulse response. I’ve provided some test tones so anyone can process them and replicate the results.

1.In this first example we will take A single sample impulse to test our ringing. You can download all the test tones used in this blog Here. Left example is the original preset and right side is the truncated example.

2. In the next example we take a a very fast sweep and look at the original vs truncated version. Notice The truncated version has a echo. This is due to the steep cutoff as seen in example 1. The images were produced by looking at izotopes rx Spectrograph.

3. Lets look at a slow sweep. As we can see the right version has the ripple, again this is due to truncation. This image was produced by looking izotope rx but can be seen in any standard editor.