Vari-Level v2

 Customers of v1 get this update for free!

This release works with nebula pro 3 v1.3.903 and above

Based on Modern version of a 50’s classic. This compressor gives a very natural compression action, similar to that of a F*irch*ld
Whats new in v2?
  • All modes are now available in one preset.
  • Modes and recovery are now stepped
  • All sample rates compression and clipper
  • Improved attack and release
  • Dual modes improved


Single, double, triple

This affects both attack and release character. Single mode is a single time constant mode, Although this mode still has some program dependants to it. Dual mode and Triple modes are both very similar in their release times and are more program dependent, however triple mode has a faster attack. Triple mode may create some undesired distortion, if this is something unwanted use a slower release or use double/single mode

M1 and M2

This stands for type of metering, M1 is gain below threshold metering (I believe this to be more like hardware)  and M2 is normal gain reduction metering.


The clipper

The clipper was added to emulate the saturation that the unit produces clipping transients. It’s not necessary to use it unless it’s desired but will control and saturate lows first, sounds great for that driving compressor sound. It is simply to clip/limit any transient let through by the attack of the comp. Simply place this after the comp preset.


Suggested order of instances Comp>Clipper>Pre



In use

Use these instances in series


There are no rules to using this library, It’s still great to use the comp by itself!!




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example of rms leveling with maximum gain reduction