This release works with nebula pro 3 v1.3.903 and above

Based on Modern version of a 50’s classic. This comp is more versatile than you may first think.


  • Proper feedback detection
  • Single and Double/triple modes (Double and triple modes are  based on subtle dual release)
  • From approx 0.5- 30seconds release for ultimate tuning versatility, exponential release means long times always stay musical for Rms leveling.
  • Release control
  • attack control added, giving both Double/triple modes and everything in between. Single mode has also a extra attack
  • Extra Part Linear release presets for fastest/longest release times on low gain reduction (Longest will be similar to a HOLD MODE). The sound is more reminiscent of a modern comp, possibly better for drums. Note these presets are also program dependent, so they will still change the release time on certain material.
  • Clip preset
  • Program dependent release giving a 3 element release (exponential, control and Program dependence)
  • Lower cpu than previous comps
  • bused Meters, for smoother action
  • Two meters types M1 (Gain over threshold with attack and release characteristic, more similar to the hardware) and M2 (Normal Gain Reduction)
  • N4 and N3 jpn skins

This is a newer approach to a feedback compressor in nebula. This will give a wonderful classic attack. A great deal of study went into reproducing the complexity’s in nebula. In addition to this the release has a classic slowing as it approaches ZERO compression (up to approx 30sec’s release.

In Double/triple modes have slightly faster action in attack release.

The clipper

The clipper was added to emulate the saturation that the unit produces clipping transients. It’s not necessary to use it unless it’s desired. It is simply to clip/limit any transient let through by the attack of the comp. I advise, it should be only used subtlety. Simply place this after the comp preset. When using the skin, I recommend you don’t go into the red.

For clipper skin meters, you should use peak in the master page.


In use

Use these instances in series


There are no rules to using this library, It’s still great to use the comp by itself!!



In the menu

You’ll find Vari-Level under VL in the nebula menu, then broken into sample rates 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, Followed by M1(Meter type 1), M2 (meter type 2), CL (Clipper).

Click here to get all category names for my presets; you’ll need these to see full names in Nebula

example of rms leveling with maximum gain reduction

no-rms-level rms-levelling