The Grand Room

Grand 1797 Room


  •  Interpolated array- Blumlein ribbon, Omni spaced pair, Cardioid x/y
  •  One Predelay setting
  •  Quick wet/dry parameter
  •  Interpolated Distance
  • 4 sample rates, 44.1,48,88.2,96
  • N3/N4 JPN skins



Demo is based on a single stereo pair of Omni mics with a closer distance to source
As with all reverbs, I recommend using a higher dsp buffer in nebula (4096-8192) to lower cpu. It’s best to create a dedicated nebula instance for this. This can be achieved through a nebula setup or copying your Nebula dll and xml, renaming to a name of your choice then saving a new nebula dsp buffer value.