Solid Spring Reverb v2

This is a late 60’s vintage spring unit manufactured by a famous American corporation. It has your typical 2 spring pong/boing sound and is great for that 60′s reggae/ska sound!
During the sampling process, I came up with a way to get a more accurate reactant for single coil and humbucker pickup guitar/instruments… using real guitar pickups as part of the capture! This will give a slight tonal shift between different types


Whats changed in v2

  • All variations controllable in one preset. Impedance selection (Studio direct, single coil, humbucker) and tone control.
  • Wet/dry control
  • lower cpu, lower file size and higher quality
  • Effect of the reverb is louder than before, less dry
  • N4/N3 JPN skins
  • All sample rates in one pack



N3 skin-

Use <KNOBCONTROL> 2 </KNOBCONTROL>  for correct knob movement. This can be applied in Nebula setups or direct to nebula xml.


Listen to The Reverb here

SSP in Nebula menu.

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