SCS – Treble and Bass Power distortion v2


Updated 21/11/2019- Update removes multiple sample rates and uses a single preset (all sample rates)  for distortion preset only,

This is the tube power section of treble and bass.


  • Two distortion presets
  • One shape preset
  • n3/n4 jpn skins


For v2 we have three presets to choose from. Two distortion presets and one Shape preset (Frequency response of output section.)

The basic distortion preset has three knobs, Distortion, Power supply and Attenuation.

1. Distortion: use this knob to increase input to get the desired amount of overdrive.

2. Power Supply: this knob changes the character or the feel of the amp. This will be more noticeable on guitar.

3. Attenuation: Use this knob to adjust the volume of the preset after you have found your distorted sweet spot.


The Mix distortion Preset has an added Mix control (wet/dry). This preset works slightly different from the basic one in that it is gain compensated. As you drive the preset harder you may notice the volume decreasing. So we have a volume instead of attenuate for this preset.

Shape preset

The shape preset is used before or after the distortion preset, this will affect the tightness of the overdrive if placed before and will give a heavy mid sound if placed after


In use

To chain Treble and bass to use as guitar chain-

Treble and bass Eq/pre>Powershape>Power Dist

Note- for a complete amp sound you may want to use a guitar cab Impulse last in the chain. Also note this pack does not include Treble and bass Eq/pre, please look here for the eq/pre


When using in stereo/bus applications, you must use a instance either side. use a program like meta plugin.