Pulse Trem part 1

Updated 21/11/2019- Update removes multiple sample rates and uses a single preset (all sample rates).


Pulse Trem part 1 is 18 different tremolo shapes at maximum depth in 4 sample rates! This library uses a  new unique technique in order to capture the detail!

Ok, this is a example of a square lfo from the set, notice the rounded analog edges!


Here we have examples of unique triangle shapes with its analog imperfections.

triangle postriangle negdiamond

The basis for the library are two main shapes: Square and Triangle. Each preset/program includes a Dry and speed control. From the square presets you can choose between 9 (Sq 1-9) fine tune shapes that will change the length of square ON. For the Triangle’s you get 9 (tri1-9) ramp/saw (positive/negative/diamond) shapes. For example Tri 1 would be positive triangle and Tri 4 would be a diamond shape and Tri9 would be a negative triangle. The library also contains a preamp that should be placed after the tremolos. The preamp is excellent used by itself for general mixing as it makes material sound super smooth!

This library can be found in TPM (Tim Petherick Moudlation)

Free presets here. Note these are the most sterile shapes from the pack and also would benefit from the added preamp from the full version to add a bit more depth. These are purely to demonstrate how good tremolos can be in Nebula!



Part 2 will include lower depth examples and wacky shapes.