NTwenty65 Filters v2


As with all releases please make sure you have the latest version of nebula installed, also please check the faq regarding any questions before contacting me.


About the Hardware

A classic rare filter sampled from two units for real stereo processing. The N 2065 filter has a Class A circuit and contains  Marinair LI.31267/s input and Lo 1166 output transformers for that classic sound N sound.

The filter has a sweet rounded sound which was captured using the same precise sampling technique I’ve used on my other programs. I kept to my tradition of sampling in 4 sample rates (real deal sampling, no SRC) to give you the freedom of working with different project sample rates without destructive SRC.

 V2 features-


  • STEREO and MONO Presets.
    Available in 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96khz.
  • Low Pass: bypass, 8,000hz, 6,000hz, 4,000hz, 2,000hz.
    High Pass: bypass, 45hz, 70hz, 160hz, 360hz.
  • Greater transparency than v1
  • Free upgrade for previous bundle buyers of V1
  • N4 and N3 jpn skins

neve inside 1

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