L-bus comp v2

Based on a classic bus comp, this comp is solid and Punchy.


  • Two units Original and Gold.
  • Ratios 2, 4, 10
  • Stereo and mono versions, stereo version creates left and right non-linearity (may sound wider)
  • Attack times 0.1, 0.3, 1, 3, 10 and 30ms. Release times, 0.1, 0.3, 0.6, 1.2 and auto release.
  • Extra controls for HPF, Dry and Ahead to take the original further
  • Two Preamps in one instance, controls include- Original/gold selector,Hot control (G-Drive), Mono/stereo control and drive

Whats improved in V2?

-Improved Release character
-Improved attack character
-Improved auto
-two units original and gold (Gold Vca)
-All sample rates compression instance
-All in one stereo/mono, two pre, hot control
-Jpn skins now step with the preset
-Possible Lower cpu on some systems

In use:

L-bus v2’s Compression instances are now all sample rates, select your ratio, mono or stereo (note mono can still be used on stereo sources but stereo will give the difference between left and right in levels of the vca. If desired use the preamp after the compression instance.

When to use Ahead?

Ahead is an extra parameter that simply looks ahead of the audio material. Use this for either capturing transients under fastest attack (0.1ms) or use to lower envelope distortion and still have a fast attack at the same time. Do this by selecting a slower attack first, example (3ms), then adjusting the ahead to speed up reaction time. For original hardware sound, don’t use this parameter.


Graphics meter tip for n4 , regarding flickering, use a lower ledspeed found in n4’s xml, for example <LEDSPEED> 1 </LEDSPEED>.

Menu location in Nebula-

L-Bus comp is under the BUS category name in nebula