Focus Comp Pro v3

Please ensure you have Nebula pro before buying these presets

This compressor has a very aggressive optical sound! one of my first ever compressors that was originally free. This has now been taken to a new level in v3! Low Price, huge sound!


Focus Comp Pro v3.  New Improvements-

  • Single Compression presets load into any sample rates without any change of quality
  • Improved grab and Program dependence
  • Special designed evf to reduce distortions
  • Pre amp can interpolate between colored and flat response
  • Hybridized Feedback preset that allows the use of Look-ahead



  • N3/N4 Jpn skins (N4-click on edit for black skin)
  • A Ratio of 3  and 5  to choose from
  • Attack and release that goes beyond the hardware.

A detailed explanation of the compression action can be found here

Preamp harmonics-


Use this configuration for full emulation-



Graphics meter tip for n4 , regarding flickering, use a lower ledspeed found in n4’s xml, for example <LEDSPEED> 1 </LEDSPEED>.




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