DL16FiFTY6 v2

As with all releases please make sure you have the latest version of nebula installed, also please check the faq regarding any questions before contacting me.

Cal Dl1656 Limiter

One of the best, clean, analog limiters from a great British console maker, a great partner for the C1061 eq!


What’s changed in v2?

  • Newer techniques for release times, greatly decreased pumping
  • faster response times
  • 4 added attack times
  • N4 and N3 jpn skins
  • added pre for more harmonics, you can boost and attenuate Odd and Even harmonics….
  • sample rates 44.1, 48, 88.2 96 now come as one purchase.

In Use

USE Preamp after comp instance


Boosted even harmonics

boosted even dl1656

Boosted odd harmonics

boosted odd dl1656

frequency plot

cal 1656 plot

calrec 2



calrec 1

Cla dl1656 v2 can be found under CDL in the nebula menu

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