TREBLE AND BASS/Tube Preamp and EQ 1

TREBLE AND BASS Pre/eq is the first in a series of colored presets for Nebula and this first release we have a vintage tube amp.
The presets have Treble and Bass controls ,  this reflects the amp.Input(GDRIVE) and SATURATION(Hamonic level) controls are on each preset. Tube amp Eq is capable of a good amount of drive for Nebula ,the distortion character comes from a Mullard ECC83/12ax7 input tube, this is followed by the Eq section. The eq section boosts up to 20db of  Treble and Bass! This is a tone shaper!. If your trying to give single track that analog edge this is a quick way to get there. It can be used for mixing ,or it could be used for what it was originally intended for which is  a Pre/eq for guitar/instrument before going into a poweramp/cab preset. Doubling up on instances can give you a good amount of drive.These are my most colored presets to date but still with the transparent tight sampling quality!!!

Presets come in mono stereo and stereo processing , normal and High quality

Sample rates available are 44.1 , 48, 88.2  a 96khz

sampled with Mytek convertors









Once you have installed these presets you will find these presets under


SCS=super colored series

followed by sample rate

ST= stereo


Hq=high quality


Set timed to 30ms in the master page and save before loading Hq presets.

Click here to get all category names for my presets, you’ll need these to see full names in Nebula


TIP on use; set the eq the way you wish then lower the output to match original level if needed , Do this before attempting to drive the preset.If you wish to play with input and sat controls start with input first, this is more a natural representation use of the hardware