el34 upward


I’ve added the power section of the treble and bass amp for purchase. Using this after Treble and bass pre/eq is a great way for getting a good guitar sound. The mids come forward and adds a nice shape which lends it’s self to guitar and bass. Later on I will be sampling some speakers to complete the picture but for now you could try using other cab sim’s. The interaction between the pre and power sections is something magical.

These presets can also work on other sources when you want to bring some mid aggression and drive elements to your mix.
Power exp comes set up with gdrive , so you can fine tune saturation and limiting from distortion.

Hq presets are also available, Please note that these will be very hard on cpu at High sample rates.

Tip; Try changing the attack and release controls to a faster rate to get more accurate distortion and limiting. 


Natively sampled at 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 with tried and tested techniques for sample transparency!