Ms10 FILTER(new)


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Ms10 filter comes from a Classic synth,


This Set took a monster amount of samples to complete, near 1100 samples were needed to  complete the library in all  sample rates Each preset used around  270 samples! The filter is complete in one instance, this is something I’m proud of as a Dev.Peak(resonance) and a cut off control is fully variable on each preset.



Graph shows preset set to full resonance/peak

ms10 full resonance


As usual I’ve sampled natively in 4 sample rates-

  • 44.1khz
  • 48khz
  • 88.2khz
  • 96khz

Normal and high quality presets are available in the set as well as stereo and mono presets!


Adding a distortion after this preset sounds totally brutal, a must try with this library.


Tip for use;use a low dsp buffer for a good sweep








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Click here to get all category names for my presets, you’ll need these to see full names in Nebula