ELC24 Stereo eq v2



The new version of ELC24 EQ is sampled from a similar unit to V1 using my most up-to-date, sampling capturing methods. V2 is in 4 sample rates; like my other releases it’s the real deal (no SRC). The EQ is broken down into two instances, and V2 gives slightly better curves on the gain knobs compared to V1. Because the unit has a distinct transformer quality (due to the marinair transformers), I have yet again sampled the high and low shelf dynamically. This captures the 3D aspect of the EQ. The EQ is sampled in True Stereo which gives you that wide analog sound.  Preamps are now included in the pack.

I’ve also broken the stereo channels down into two different presets in this version, so you get True Stereo, Mono Left and Mono Right. Using a combination of these presets you can give your individual mono tracks better separation if you want to use these  on separate mono tracks!!


High and low shelf is interpolated -15 to +12 on each band

Mid range is 4 frequencies with 2db steps with a range of  -10 to +10



elcom 1

Here’s a few words on the ELC24 STEREO EQ from Neil Perry:

So we had 3 chassis to work on!! …. with these basic chassis, Raw State has spent considerable design and listening time to ensure the original units’ great quality was not compromised. Careful selection and auditioning of components was carried out to ensure good sonic characteristics were maintained.

The design is passive circuitry based upon the classic R – C – L components ( resistors, capacitors, inductors ). The original design was very nice sounding but with some obvious ‘problems’. The high and low frequency EQ curves were ‘strange’ … we are not sure but they may well have been optimised for disk cutting. We have redesigned these curves to be more in keeping with a unit ideal for mix / mastering work. ( We have paid particular attention to the frequency curves from the legendary Decca / Raw State Passive EQ units! )

Also the output stage needed some redesigning to be able to drive a reasonable load at good level.

Balancing is naturally by transformers, as it was felt the addition of audio transformers is so much a part of classic- sounding vintage equipment.

We have carefully matched input and output impedances to ensure the Eq characteristics are well controlled and musical. We eventually used ( Ex Neve ) Marinair input transformers. The output transformers are Marinair type T1501.

Typical Performance:

Fixed Hf EQ centred at 18 kHz

Max. Boost and Cut approx. 12 dB. Switched in 3 dB steps

Mid Band EQ Switched at 1.4 – 2.8 – 4.0 and 5.6 kHz

Max. Boost and Cut approx. 10 dB. Switched in 2 dB steps.

Fixed Lf EQ centred at 50 Hz

Max. Boost and Cut approx. 12 dB. Switched in 3 dB steps.

Maximum level into 10K better than +22 dB @ 1 kHz

Noise ( Eq controls flat ) better than -82 dB WTD

But the best thing to do is try a unit and listen

Note: Decca, Neve, Marinair, Elcom are registered trade marks.

This EQ is for sale from Raw State Audio


elcom 2







Previous elc24 v1 customers get a discount (Purchases made before 29/08/2013 only)only £9 per sample rate and £23 for all sample rates !Please contact me for the discount.



demo is Mid range and restricted to  2 frequency’s and -8, ,-4, 0, 4 , 8dB gain


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