Tp Spaces

This collection started off as REAL small spaces bundle but evolved into a lot more!

The library was conceived through many months of study before making final sampling sessions, looking at specs, sampling, listening back and starting over again. Every step in the process was auditioned. Unparalleled quality when matching sample rates.

This is a large collection of different ideas, divided into 4 Program types. Here’s what’s in the pack:

⦁ 33 x REAL Spaces sampled in total
⦁ 21 x Programs
⦁ 4 x Program types
⦁ 4 x Sample Rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2,96

Type 1 Programs

These programs contain a Source control, the source control changes the direction and phase of the source where sound radiates from. List of spaces in this Type follows:

  • Chapel.
  • Garage.
  • Part tiled room.
  • Church.
  • Small Victorian Hall

Each space has a program with the source facing forward and up, totalling 10 programs.

Type 2 Programs

These programs have the ability to mix between two different mic distances.

There are two spaces of this type:

  1. Adjoining rooms with Arrays: XY, Spaced.
  2. Vaults with Arrays: XY, ORTF, Spaced.
    These presets are dual mic distance captures with a blend control.

Type 3 Programs

Only one program is in this category and that is church pillars. This Program uses the pillars in the room to avoid and direct signal from the source.

Type 4 Programs

This is more of a bonus set, is a set of spaces that takes more hard to reach or outside unique sample spaces. 25 spaces in total were sampled.

  1. Under the Bridge:
    A. 6ft High Arch Road Bridge
    B. City Swing Bridge
    C. Train Bridge approx 40ft
    D. Viaduct 80ft
    E. Viaduct 2 approx 55ft.
  2. Tunnels:
    A. Canal Tunnel 1
    B. Canal Tunnel 2
    C. Pedestrian Tunnel
    D. Small Viaduct Tunnel
    E. Small Viaduct Tunnel Petal Shape.
  3. Woodlands:
    A. Woodlands 1 40ft from Source
    B. Woodlands 1 20ft from Source
    C. Woodlands 2 Space 1 20ft from Source
    D. Woodlands 2 Space 1 60ft from Source
    E. Woodlands 2 Space 2 15ft from Source.
  4. Churches:
    A,B,C,D,E: Various Churches.
  5. Other spaces:
    A. Park Temple
    B. Open Lodge
    C. Folly
    D. The Gorge 1
    E. The Gorge 2

As with all reverbs, I recommend using a higher dsp buffer in nebula (2048-8192) to lower cpu. It’s best to create a dedicated nebula instance for this. This can be achieved through a nebula setup or copying your Nebula dll and xml, renaming to a name of your choice then saving a new nebula dsp buffer value.

Below is where you’ll find the programs in n4’s menu,

HIGHLIGHTED IN YELLOW is the main folder,

HIGHLIGHTED IN ORANGE is the sample rate,

HIGHLIGHTED IN GREEN is the preset type

Please download the manual for greater detail-


All Program types can be found in RR1 in Nebulas menu