TNT Dynamics


TNT DYNAMICS Return of Nebula’s very first expander/gate. The library is based on a VCA unit, with a fast and aggressive character.
TNT v3 features-


  • Preamp in 4 sample rates
  • Limiter, Gate, expander,Programmed Ducking preset (all sample rates preset) and V1 Fm Preset (4 sample rates)
  • Limiter now has a range control allowing for ultimate control in tailoring the area of gain reduction
  • Limiter now has a small amount of gain compensation to make dialling in quicker
  • features a excellent new technique for getting a more accurate release and attack shape.
  • Improved attack at lower gain reduction
  • Return of Fm seen in v1,This preset was requested by some users. This is sampled from emphasis setting on the unit, this is the result of sweep sampling the gain reduction, Disclaimer-although not accurate to hardware it does its own cool thing and was added by request.
  • New Jpn skins

TNT’s unique release character





USE Preamp after comp or expander/gate instances


Tip- If using fast attack and release you wish to reduce compression distortion (found in hardware too), simply use a slow attack and bigger Look ahead values to compensate.



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