TNT Dynamics

Please ensure you have the latest version of Nebula before buying these presets

TNT DYNAMICS Return of Nebula’s very first expander/gate. The library is based on a VCA unit, with a fast and aggressive character.
TNT v2 features

  • All control in 2 presets instead of 7
    PRESET 1. EXPANSION and GATE with AVG-PEAK control. RANGE, RELEASE controls, plus ahead and HPF
  • PRESET 2.LIMIT MODE and Ducking mode with AVG-PEAK control, RELEASE controls, plus ahead and HPF
  • Preamp with zero chirping!
  • 4 sample rates, 96,88.2,48,44.1
  • Improved stability in all modes i.e Exp and Gate tighter and more accurate, no strange distortions.
  • New Ducking setting in limiter preset
  • Program dependent versions included
  • 2 Jpn N4 and N3 skins (Pre and Dynamics)


In use

Expander and gate program-

To toggle between expansion and gate simply use the TYPE knob. Labelled as Exp and Gate on skin

Range control is only available in Gate and Expander. The Range control can be seen as function that turns a signal down rather than completely off in gate and expansion modes. For example in gating The lowest volume reduction could be set to -20db.

Note-Output gain is not available in these presets.

Limiter and Ducking program-

To toggle between Limiter and Ducking simply use the TYPE knob. Labelled as LIM and DUCK on skin.


USE Preamp after comp or expander/gate instances


Tip- If using fast attack and release you wish to reduce compression distortion (found in hardware too), simply use a slow attack and bigger Look ahead values to compensate.



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