The Time Mod Pedal Pack came about as result of many customers over the years asking for flanger and chorus effects for Nebula. They are effects that have been speculated to be quite difficult to achieve realistically in Nebula. So, I took some time to look into it, spent many hours developing and i can now present this FREE pack. Not only that we have pitch vibrato programs but a rotary speaker emulation and zero point style flanging associated with tape flanging, 20 programs in total. This is a gift from me to the community. But just because it is free doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch! These Programs are aimed more at being render programs as their cpu is higher than most other programs. However, I do think most users should be able to run them fine without having to render. The programs feature sets of new controls never seen before in Nebula! These are the result of new templates that I’ve made to create some very cool controls. For more details please read the manual here Before you start using these programs it is very important that you make the correct setting adjustments in Nebula. This is explained in the manual and also here:

Note: These libraries require you to make
a change to the LTIMED parameter in N4.
Change this to 30.0 ms in the Settings of
the N4 plugin, MAST page (expert), see
example on the right. Then press save and
re-open N4.
For setups use the following tweak:
Name: LTIMED Value: 30000


Please read the full Manual here

Thanks to jpn for making these excellent skins!