The Great Spring v2



Whats new-

  • 4 sample rates in one pack
  • 2 added pre delays to add a greater sense of space
  • Added n3/n4 skins
  • wet/dry control


This is essentially a mono to stereo spring unit, with a long decay. Fits into the mix nicely. This would be more at home for general mixing, different from my other two springs in that the spring sound is less obvious. On percussion the springiness becomes more apparent.




To use these presets please make sure you have the latest version of nebula.

As with all reverbs, I recommend using a higher dsp buffer in nebula (4096-8192) to lower cpu. It’s best to create a dedicated nebula instance for this. This can be achieved through a nebula setup or copying your Nebula dll and xml, renaming to a name of your choice then saving a new nebula dsp buffer value.


Click here to get all category names for my presets; you’ll need these to see full names in Nebula