100a V3

Please ensure you have Nebula pro 3 1.3.903 or above before buying these presets.


Inspired by a modern leveler the classic ratio changing gain reduction (very soft Knee) gives a more subtle compression character on low gain reduction. This makes the Sum 100a very easy to use. Sounds fantastic on vocals as well as giving great ambience lift to drums etc, warms up bright sound sources. Presets come in all sample rates within one pack, 44.1, 48, 88.2,96.


What’s improved in V3?

  • Better release shapes and improved PD
  • N4 and N3 jpn skins
  • Unique 2 mode Harmonics/line preset with ODD and EVEN sliders. Hot (10k) or normal (4k) versions can be selected.
  • Attack is select able in one preset
  • Normal and linear freq response version of compression available.



In use, I recommend using the line preset before the compression instance, but you can run the compression instance on it’s own and get very close to the original tone.
This is a subtle addition to the compression. However the Line preset can be run hard to a greater saturation effect.

Line and Comp mode-

Down (0) is line mode
Up (100) is for use with comp

ODD/EVEN harmonics: To get an exaggerated tube sound pull down the odd harmonics and if you want a more edgy tape’ish sound pull down the Even harmonics. You can boost too but be careful you may clip Nebula!


Using Sum leveler is easy as the Program dependency works with your music. All release positions sound great, program dependence will only really come into play when using medium or long release settings



Line mode plot

line mode

Comp mode plot

comp mode






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