SMTeq + Bonus library SMT Phaser

Shape Modifier Transient Eq

What is the SMTeq?
The SMTeq is based on my Shape Modifier Programs, the Shape Modifier is a
transient envelope processor.
Instead of the processor creating a gain envelope control, SMTeq’s envelope is
attached to the gain of an eq section. I like to call this a transient Eq.
This allows you to add eq to transients (Positive Processing) or the opposite, to
turn remove eq on the transients, leaving the eq only on the tail (Negative processing). This has a frequency  based expansion or compression effect only relating to the transient played.


The EQs.
The eq’s in SMTeq are the High band from the Vintage Gyrator Eq and Rstate
Model D Eq.


There are two sections to the SMTeq,
the Envelope section to the right:


and the slave processor section to the left, (in this picture Rstate Model D Eq.)

For more info on how to use these please reference the SMT Manual V1.2 


Bonus Library SMT Phaser

The SMT Phaser is a bonus library added to the SMTeq, although an extra, it’s
packed full of fun quirks! The SMT Phaser is derived from More Phase, presets
from my Classic Phasers.

Smt features-

  • two different sets of intensity’s to choose from No.1, a lower intensity
    and No.2, a higher intensity.
  • Three types to choose types of processing, LFO, Manual, Sweep

For more info on how to use these please reference the SMTeq-Manual.



This demo should give a good idea of how SMT works, It’s restricted to 15khz model D eq. This is a great demo and and still very versatile for a free/demo product.


Note the demo only works on N4  and the last version of N3, will not work on 1.3.903

Graphics meter tip for n4 , regarding flickering, use a lower ledspeed found in n4’s xml, for example <LEDSPEED> 1 </LEDSPEED>.