Shape Modifier


Updated 21/11/2019- Update removes multiple sample rates and uses a single preset (all sample rates),

Shape Modifier for Nebula. This release was inspired and made by various vca processors. Special Templates have been achieved to radically or subtly change the shape of your percussive tracks. Also works well on  instruments with sharp attack such as piano, Plucked guitar etc. Shape Modifier does not work like a simple compressor or expander, It needs no threshold, it works on all dynamic levels a bit like a synth envelope follower, this gives great control over the shape of the instrument with great ease and in turn maintains a better overall dynamic representation, for example snare ghosting will remain more or less the same level while increase the level of tail when using the sustain instance. A added a shape on for attack and sustain changes the character. Plus detector settings knob and duration of sustain has been added for a very versatile shaper.  Look here to see what shape modifier does under regular tests.


  • +/- Attack and Sustain instances
  • Extra bonus controls for sustain duration, shape and attack detect
  • Wet/dry control
  • N4/N3 JPN skins

About the extra functions

Shape controls the shape of the envelope, changing the character.

Detect on the attack instance changes the speed of detection, middle position is best for most sources, if distortions occur increase this parameter, if extra sharpness is needed set this to the towards or in the fastest position.

Sustain duration is to increase or decrease envelope time. Decrease this to stop sustain overlapping and will improve to maintain the dynamic range of instruments. Increase for a greater compression effect (this will decrease the dynamic range between hits on snare for example.)


In use-

select the instance that indicates what you wish to enhance (attack and sustain). If both are needed, use sustain first in line followed by attack, this will give the greatest control when working in series. Find the sweet spot for amount and shape, duration (sustain version) or detector (attack version). If a more subtle sound is needed the Wet/dry Control can be used for fine tuning.


For the controls to work smoothly please use <KNOBCONTROL> 2 </KNOBCONTROL> in your nebula xml. This should take away the need to rotate the sliders to make it work