Rstate Model D

Rstate D*CCA precision eq suitable for mastering and mixing, this eq never sounds bad. Sampled using a mix of total passive and gain staged units.


  • Band isolated High and Mid bands
  • Stereo Super low noise accurate Harmonics preset, no chirping
  • 4 sample rates 44.1 , 48 ,88.2 , 96
  • n3 Jpn skins
  • Features unique D*cca remove notch filter
  • Up to 45 khz shelf for subtle curves in the audible band
  • Unique De-convolution Process for super transient response, no smearing


Low shelf/Low Bell On one knob, this is featured  on the hardware,. Mid Band and High bell/high shelf On one knob, this is featured  on the hardware. Example high band frquencys-Bell1.6,3.2,4.0,6,3,10,13.5 khz High Shelf 7.5,15,20,30,45 khz

Example low band frequency- low Bell 30,60,125,250,370,500 hz low Shelf 12,25,50,100,200 hz

Mid band-0.7,1.0,1.5,2.0,2.5,3.0,5.0,7.0,8.0 khz

Gain steps are -40 or R (d*cca Remove, notch filter), -8,-7,-6,-5,-4,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.


Lowest lines show d*cca remove


Low band demo here

The demo has every other frequency is removed and limited to -40/remove notch,-7,-3,0,+3,+7


Zero chirp low noise harmonics

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Rawstate website info-

Raw State / Decca Passive Precision Equaliser

Very special and rare Eq, based upon the late 1960s Decca ‘Tone Control’.  These units appeared in their disc cutting and duplication consoles and were built by hand in very limited numbers.  In fact, each module we have had has been different!  Neil Perry has collected these Decca units over a period of 12 years, therefore the total run is rather limited – 10 chassis have been built to date.

The design is passive circuitry based upon the classic R-C-L components (resistors, capacitors and large mult-valve inductors).  As they are passive there was a need to build associated cirtuitry to correct insertion losses, match impedence and provide balanced inputs and outputs.

Raw State has spent considerable time listening to the basic chassis to ensure that teh original unit’s great quality was not compromised.  We have carefull matched input and output impedences to ensure that the Eq characteristics are well controlled and musical.

A custom designed Class A gain stage is used to restore gain to unity.  In fact 40db of overall gain was needed.  For good noise and sonic performance the four input devices are selected for gain match and used in a parallel configuration.  Balancing is naturally by transformers as it was felt the addition of audio transformers is so march a part of classic sounding vintage equipment.  In fact we wonder why so many modern manufacturers of ‘classic’ type gear do not use them.  Price, weight?  But not sound.

The power transformers are run in parrallel to help reduce hum pickup (‘humbuckers’?!) by positioning them to radiate their magnetic fields out of phase.  Careful selection and auditioning of components was carried out.  This includes using audio grade solid aluminium capacitors and small value bypass caps.  Signal wiring is oxygen free and connectors are gold plated.