Mellow echo chamber


Major update!

Now comes with a bonus infinite repeat version. The Preset can easily go into feedback when needed! Also we have many more Delay times, 20ms Increments up to 500ms, this also comes with N4 and N3 skins. Note: we cannot have a dry control in this preset, you either have to use this as a send or use the mix control if available in your daw. Note: this library has now moved to TPD category in Nebula.



Old release info-

Simple cartridge tape echo, sampled at it’s cleanest setting, with minimum sample artifacts.


  • 3 echo times in the preset
  • Select from two repeat settings in the preset
  • 4 kernals distotion
  • N4/N3 jpn skins

as a side note we have possibly first ever mix knob created in nebula, we will add this to phasers for example in the very near future.


As with all reverbs, I recommend using a higher dsp buffer in nebula (4096-8192) to lower cpu. It’s best to create a dedicated nebula instance for this. This can be achieved through a nebula setup or copying your Nebula dll and xml, renaming to a name of your choice then saving a new nebula dsp buffer value.

Mellow echo chamber can be found in nebula’s reverb category