El Enhancer v2

El Enhancer is based upon a popular Enhancer eq from the 90’s.

It’s operation uses a unique phase shift/boost in order to get it’s eq curves. The curves are based around Equal loudness contours also known as Fletcher-Munson curves. This gives a nice enhance to any source, it’s popularly been used at mastering stage, the results are quick and easy. The sound produced by this unit is very unlike a regular eq.


The process knob controls the mid range dips and also bass. Bass amount can be adjusted separately, but still needs the process control to work. I’ve captured the soft bass only, this is the wider enhancement on the unit. This is because it’s too hard to capture all the phase interactions using interpolation. However, I feel I captured the most important aspects of the unit.

Harmonics control is simply a high shelf eq that can be used to balance out the process of the Mid-Bass preset, or it can be used by itself for a unique brilliance.

Try the Demo (Lower quality and restricted to one frequency) Here


  • Equal Loudness style eq curves with bass control preset
  • Harmonics/Eq high shelf preset
  • 4 sample rates 96, 88.2, 48, 44.1khz
  • New sample techniques applied for maximum transparency.
  • N4 and N3 JPN Skin


How to use-

The order of instances for complete emulation-

MID Bass band>high band


Click here to get all category names for my presets; you’ll need these to see full names in Nebula


As with all releases please make sure you have the latest version of Nebula installed, also please check the faq regarding any questions before contacting me.