Dual Tech Tube Passive EQ v2

Now with n4 skins!

Dual Tech Tube Passive EQ v2

The main Idea behind v2 was to create the cleanest sampled example to date. Isolating bands and eliminating and/or reducing the effects of convertors aliasing filter where possible, for superior transient response. More In depth info here

Many hours were spent capturing this industry classic EQ. Great attention to detail was spent getting the best sonics, as well as capturing the famously aggressive band interaction found in this unit’s Low Shelf (boost/attenuate). A huge amount of samples were needed to achieve this. I researched and experimented for a month before finalizing for release, and the results are clearly audible.

The Low Shelf is very broad and on higher Hz settings reach well into the high mids, this means you can boost generously with minimal damage, giving a big warm sound rather than a tightening effect.

With clever use of the Attenuate, tightening of the Low Shelf is possible.

There are so many combinations of curve available here and thanks to the simple custom skin the library is a joy to work with, visually and audibly.

All three controls in the High Boost were captured – Boost, KCS (Hz) and Bandwidth.

Presets Include:

  • 4 sample rates 96, 88.2, 48, 44.1khz
  • A choice of Two Unit’s sampled, named U1 and U2


  • Low Shelf with boost frequency selection and attenuate
  • High Bell with bandwidth, boost and frequency selection
  • High shelf Attenuate with Attenuate and frequency selection

Line / Preamp

  • 10k traditional preamp (ultra low cpu)
  • 2 clip presets, fat preset is a extreme clipper while pre 3k is a light clipper



Due to the nature of the library, please make sure you match sample rates. This is important as the library was designed around a unique filtering for each sample rate.


Use the Low Band and your choice of Line/preamp, these two work together creating correct magnitude and phase response of the hardware and creates your base overall tone of the unit. Because the high band and attenuate are complete isolated instances (click here for more info), you then can add these when desired. Using all instances together you never have the worry of repeating characteristics.

Example of how to create the eq in serial-

Low Band>Pre>High Band>Atten

With use of the traditional pre 10k, the Cpu will be incredibly low. The clipper is good fun and may not be something been heard before in Nebula, it will also use a lot higher cpu, so keep this in mind.

The clipper presets

Please use a unmodified version of Nebula as your base. Changing master page settings could shift the emulation. i.e touching econo/normal button, prog rate or kernel arrows for example, will shift the presets unusable. These are unique presets, built with a hybrid approach, we get the best of both worlds of impulse response and aggressive clipping when needed.

Clipper In use

Simply increase input and decrease output until you get your desired result. Fat 3k clipper is the extreme version.



Isolated 44.1 10k bell demo here

Click here to get all category names for my presets; you’ll need these to see full names in Nebula

As with all releases please make sure you have the latest version of Nebula installed, also please check the faq regarding any questions before contacting me.