Classic Phasers

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Introducing 4 classic phasers for Nebula!!

Classic Vibe..

is the pedal emulation for that famous pulsating sound. Originally these were intended to replicate the sound of Rotary speakers. These have a sound of their own and were most famously used by guitarists Hendrix and Robin Trower. The pedal contains 1 light and 4 photo cells. Chorus and vibrato Sampled! 3 intensity’s are available in variable slow and fast speeds. Selecting vibrato gives a wobbly sound, kind of a pitch shifting illusion.
. Tip- adding dry signal back into the vibrato presets this  will result in a very clean phasing sound.

Script 90

A well known pedal! Simple design incorporating simple non opto, lfo driven solid state cascade. These were most famously used by Van Halen. Two Presets are sampled, variable slow and fast speeds.

More Phase..

is a classic pedal phaser with a versatile set of controls. It contains 2 lamps (light sources) and multiple photo cells, making it a very complex pedal. 35 variable speed presets were made to give you as many possibilities as this unit can produce. MORE PHASE is divided into 3 intensitys. This is called Harmonic emphasis on the pedal. In the anolog circuit it’s adding more high end harmonic distortion giving more extreme phasing sound. 1: For example, selecting Emphasis In 0 being lowest intensity and 3 being the highest intensity. 2: Then you can select between different phase shapes (CENTER) and TRAVEL.CENTER 0 is an offset shape then going up to 100 which is an even shape. TRAVEL is the amount of Phase Travel (1 lowest travel, 4 highest travel.) Everything being understood , if you want the most extreme example of what this pedal does you would select the following IN3 CENTER 1-3 and TRAVEL 4.

Stone Phase

Much Like the Script 90, this pedal has a non opto, lfo driven solid state cascade with a single speed control. The main difference is the colour switch which changes the character of the phase. What makes this pedal unique is it’s warmth. The unit has 4 presets including two variable speeds in two switch positions (up and down).

4 native sample rates are available. 88.2 and 96khz versions are slightly more detailed  than the lower sample rates due to the nature of sampling Phasers. Library names are essential for ease of use. Click here to get all category names for my presets, you’ll need these to see full names in Nebula.


Instructions: Once installed, use a low buffer for better results, between 512 and 128. For HQ presets please make sure you edit Timed length in the xml to at least 40000 and you will need adjust to L timed to max (40ms) on the right hand side of the display in the master page of nebula, usually defaulted to 10ms ( this defines the max sample length).